Thoughts on 6th Senbatsu Sousenkyo

Okay everyone, I felt like I need to share my inner thoughts with you although it may be nonsense at all, lol. I’m just gonna commenting on senbatsu line-up. Before I start my ramblings, I want to say.. “HELL NO, OMG, AMAZINGGG”. Okay, that’s all, let’s start the ramblings!

16th Kawaei Rina
Kinda expected she would make it to the senbatsu zone although Kawaei ranked pretty low during the prelims. Looking back at her activities few months ago, I think it’s all thanks to Mechaike, don’t you think? She got exposed with the “Baka center” title. I’m sure she attracted a lot of fans with the help of Mechaike show. I don’t really know with her HS reports though, but definitely, I’m pretty sure that her popularity boosted up because of she appeared in few episodes of Mechaike. Plus, management has been pushing her lately. That’s why, Ricchan in senbatsu isn’t a surprise for me.

15th Shibata Aya
Ah, finally, Aya-chan in AKB single, slayyyyyy! I’m so happy for her! In my opinion, she’s like the 2nd Yukirin. She has never been pushed by the management before, but everything changed when she did pretty well on last year sousenkyo. Management started to include her in senbatsu line up for “Sansei Kawaii!” and she got a lot of exposure ever since then. It’s great to have her in akb senbatsu line up this time!

14th Ikoma Rina
This is the craziest thing that I’ve ever experienced- Okay, I think I’m exaggerating things, but really! I didn’t expect her ranked this high, I swear I screamed like mad when her name was announced and God, I was in public place when I watched the stream earlier. Alright, forget that. I shouldn’t have underestimated Nogi fans eh? And maybe, her tactic (giving out free tissues) is actually worked?

13th Yokoyama Yui
Hm, too bad. I was hoping that she would make it to the top10 but meh. I have nothing to say honestly..kinda miss her reaction, though. lol

12th Miyazawa Sae
Although she dropped from last year, but it’s kind of amazing for Sae and her fans that she managed to stay in senbatsu zone. I mean, look at the other kennins *coughs*, definitely Sae fanbase is incredibly strong!

11th Miyawaki Sakura
I didn’t expect her to enter the senbatsu zone as well. Amazing! Great jump from her last year position, don’t you think? Sakuratan is like the 2nd in HKT now after Sasshi. And I was like, “HAH, IN YOUR FACE, MANAGEMENT. IN YOUR FACE. SHE’S THE REAL CENTER, SHE PROVED YOU WRONG” I’m happy for Sakuratan. I hope, we will have a Sakura center in HKT next single :)

10th Suda Akari
Nothing to say, sorry.

9th Takahashi Minami
Too bad, Takamina dropped from last year. Or most likely, she exchanged position with Kojiharu, lol. But I kinda want her to finish, at least in kami7 position. Who knows this year sousenkyo might be her last sousenkyo?

8th Kojima Haruna
Same goes to Kojiharu, in all honestly, I want Kojiharu in kami7 along with Takamina. And hell, she even trolled us earlier during her speech. Maybe, she will announces her graduate in months, who knows? But I’m happy, at least, she could make it to the senbatsu zone. I was worried for Kojiharu since she ranked pretty low on the prelims. 

7th Shimazaki Haruka
Kinda expected her in kami7. It’s good to have another AKB member in kami7 beside Mayuyu and Yukirin. A bit sad though because Paruru lost to Sayanee.

6th Yamamoto Sayaka
I have nothing to say, but it’s amazing that she managed to enter the kami7 zone. Congrats!

5th Matsui Rena
I’m definitely happy for her! 5th is good, but I secretly hope that Rena would rank higher than Jurina *oops, sorry J oshi*. I’m happy, but i’m a little bit worried about her rank for next year sousenkyo. Look at her gap with Sayanee, hell, it’s pretty closeeee and her gap with Jurina is so fcking faaaaaar.

4th Matsui Jurina
Nothing to say, sorry.

3rd Kashiwagi Yuki
You guys don’t know how happy I am when her name announced as the 3rd position holder. I screamed really loud, even jumped from my seat and did weird dance. She’s my kami-oshi after all, alright? I’m happy, I’m super happy. I lost my hope immediately when the prelims result was out, lol. But now, I’m glad that my oshi managed to make a come back to the top3 position. Even, I casted my votes for my oshi 30 minutes before the vote closed because I thought, my votes would make a big difference if I cast it in the last minute, looool. I’m really happy happy happy and happy. I was disappointed with her result last year, not really because of her result though, mostly because of how the management placed her in the single. She was frikkin’ number 4 yet the center position of the 2nd row was..if you know what I mean *coughs*. Congrats my dearest oshi, you deserve it. I’m not regretting those money which I’ve spent for you, it’s all worth! Welcome back to the top3, Yukirin!

2nd Sashihara Rino
Okayyyyy, another “I didn’t expect this”. Seriously, I didn’t expect Sasshi to lost against Mayu. I didn’t expect this at all and again, I screamed like mad and I swear, that’s my loudest scream ever lol. It’s not like I hate Mayu or what, heck, my otp is mayuki okay? But I kinda want Sasshi to win, I want her to create a history. Too bad…
In other way, I’m a little bit happy for Sasshi lost. It means, we can’t predict sousenkyo result oh-so-easily anymore starting from next year!
Nevertheless, congrats for Sasshi!

1st Watanabe Mayu
I’m surprised of course, since I expected Sasshi will win this year sousenkyo. Finally huh, her momentum is come. I’m glad that she’s not becoming the “Leonardo DiCaprio” in idol world. I’m glad that Mayu finally achieved the number 1 by herself and her fans of course. Hats off and standing applause to you, Mayuyu. Congrats!

Conclusion :
- Never believe in preliminary result (lol)

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Kashiwagi Yuki's blog 2014.06.07 「総選挙。長文です!!笑」


General election. A long post!! LOL


3rd place!!!


3rd place!!!


Ah, I only raised 2 fingers in this photo. lol

Thank you very much~!!!!!


I want to express my thanks with my whole body….


          2014 Senbatsu Sousenkyo - Vote for Kashiwagi Yuki!
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Valentine Day

An idea popped into my brain last night and i wrote this right away. Happy belated valentine day! I’m sorry for grammar errors since English isn’t my mother language. Enjoy…?._.

Oh, I forgot, this is a genderbend fic


Rena feels bored as she kept on flipping the tv channels randomly. Her mother only shook her head while looking at her daughter behavior.

"Why you don’t go shopping with your friends?" Her mother suggested.

"They’re busy with her boyfriends mom." Rena answered.

"Try to call Yuki-kun then?" Her mom suggested again. This time, Rena only shut her mouth and ignored her mom second option. Rena glanced at her phone just beside her and she sighed loudly.

"He’s the worst, mom. It’s valentine day for God sake!"

"Maybe he’s busy?"

"Busy..pfft" Rena grunted. She switched off the tv and she stood up from her sitting position.

"Where are you going?" Her mother asked.

"Shopping, by myself." Rena answered and she walked towards her bedroom to change her clothes


"This is suck" Rena grumbled. She was walking alone in the park and her eyes are sore because of the lovey dovey scenes all over the place. She can’t help at all since today is valentine day. Yes, valentine day and yet, she’s alone by herself in the park. Not just only a common park, but it was the place when her boyfriend, Kashiwagi Yuki, finally asked her to be his girlfriend. Yuki currently is studying abroad and he only comes at least once in a month. To make the situation worst, usually Yuki would come in the end of the month and now, 14th February, is still in the middle of the month. It means, definitely Rena won’t spend her valentine day with her loved one.

Rena sighed loudly and she decided to take a short break as she sat on the nearby bench. She could only roll her eyes when she saw a couple was kissing passionately in front of her.

"Kids nowadays" Rena snickered. Rena looked up at the night sky above her and she started to reminisce her moments with Yuki.

"I wish you’re here…" Rena mumbled softly. She closed her eyes and unknown to her, a teardrop was rolling on her cheek.

"I miss you…like a lot.."

"Mmm, really?"

Rena got surprised when she heard a familiar voice. She opened her eyes and her jaws dropped immediately when she knew the owner of the earlier voice.


"Hello." Yuki said warmly, with a smile plastered on his face.

"I miss Yuki so much till I have a hallucination about him. I think I’m going crazy-" She stopped midway as she felt her lips are being kissed by Yuki.

"You’re not going crazy and definitely, you’re not hallucinating. I’m real." Yuki said when he pulled out himself. Rena blinked her eyes just to make sure that she wasn’t dreaming, even she pinched one of her thighs.

"Ow, that’s hurt!" Rena said while rubbing her thigh.

"See? I’m real- ow!" Yuki groaned when Rena was assaulting him with the shopping bags on her hands.

"You jerk, do you know how miserable I am on this lovey dovey day?!" Rena yelled while kept on assaulting Yuki with her shopping bags.

"Ow ow, hey, that’s hurt! What’s inside those bags anyway?"

"I don’t care!" Rena yelled. After for a minute, she stopped from punching and yelling at Yuki and she hugged him tightly.

"I miss you…a lot" Rena mumbled on his chest. Yuki smiled and he hugged back his girlfriend.

"I miss you too. Everyday, I think about you" Yuki said while his hands are rubbing Rena back, tried to give Rena some comforts. After it seemed like eternity, they pulled away themselves and looked at each other with a smile plastered on their faces.

"You’ve gotten prettier since the last time I saw you. What’s your secret hm?" Rena blushed instantly while Yuki was giggling at Rena cute antics.

"You’re cute, you know that?"

"I know. That’s why you fall for me." Rena answered which makes Yuki ruffled her hair.

"Let’s see, what do you want on this lovey dovey day?"

"I just want to spend my time with you" Rena answered. That’s the truth, she really didn’t ask anything other than spending her quality time with her boyfriend since she rarely meet with her boyfriend.

"I’m sorry that I didn’t call or text you. This happened to be your valentine day present..or surprise?" Yuki explained while scratching his neck.

"Then, it would be my best valentine surprise ever from you." Rena said and she quickly planted a small kiss on Yuki cheek. Yuki blushed immediately because of Rena sudden action.

"A-ah…what’s with that sudden kiss huh?"

"I just feel like it." Rena answered and she grinned. "For how long you’ll stay in here?"

"As long as I can"

"Hey, I’m being serious here"

"I’m serious as well. Do you remember when I left Japan for New York to study abroad?"

"Of course I remember! It was 4 years ago, right?"

"Right, you wailed in the airport when you sent me to there"

"Hey!" Rena shoved Yuki roughly while the latter only let out his laughs. "You meanie!"

"Have you finished your study?"

"This year is my last semester though. Why?"

"Mmm, as expected. I’m smarter than you"

"What’s that supposed mean?" Rena narrowed her eyes and she crossed her arms. Plus, she puffed up her cheeks which in Yuki opinion she looked really cute right now.

"I’ve graduated from my university you know" Yuki said.

"You did?!" Rena was surprised as hell. "How come?!"

"Because I’m smart" Yuki proudly said.

"So full of yourself." Rena retorted.

"We’re funny, don’t you think? We insulted each other and yet, we’re a couple" Yuki said and he laughed.

"Wait…it means, you’ll…come back to here?"

"Yes sweetie. I’ve sent all of my stuffs back to here, even, I’ve got a nice job already in a certain famous company in here" Yuki replied. "Happy?"

"Of course I’m happy. Who wouldn’t? Finally…you’re here with me…" Rena softly said. "You know Yuki, all these time, I need to endure what all my friends said to me. They said long distance relationship won’t work and you’re going to cheat behind my back because we rarely meet with each other.."

Rena lowered her head. Yuki took a step forward and he lifted up Rena head with his hands.

"Don’t listen to them. I’ll never cheat behind you. You’re very precious to me and I’m the luckiest person on the earth to have you in my arms. You prove them wrong anyway" Yuki caressing Rena cheeks with both of his hands and he kissed Rena on her forehead.

"Although i do admit that American girls are hot"

"Hey!" Rena punched Yuki right on his chest. Yuki only giggled in the result.

"Oh, I almost forgot.." Yuki inserted one of his hands on his pocket and he took out a small box from it.

"W-what is that?"

"Hehehe.." Yuki kneeled down and he held one of Rena hands while the other hand was holding on the small box.

"I’m not good with this kind of thing but well…you see Rena, we’ve been together for almost 5 years. And like I’ve told you earlier, I’m the luckiest person on the earth to have you in my arms…” Yuki paused to catch his breath. He could see Rena was already on the verge of crying and one of her hand was covering her mouth.

"You’re funny, silly, childish and pretty. I like everything about you. When I was away, I swear I think about you everyday, even now, I think about you. I love you so much, so so so much and I want you to be mine, only mine. That’s why…Matsui Rena, will you marry me?" Yuki opened the small box and revealed a ring with diamonds on it. People in the park, who witnessed the scene between Rena and Yuki, are cheering loudly while some of them told Rena to accept Yuki proposal.

Rena was out of words. She couldn’t say anything. She can’t believe that today, Yuki would ask her to marry him.

"Your…answer?" Yuki asked after few minutes of silent. He was nervous of course while waiting for Rena answer. He felt his body was sweating so much.


"What? I can’t hear you-"

"Yes dummy! YES!" Rena screamed in joy. Yuki smiled while everyone in the park is cheering loudly. Yuki stood up from his kneeling position and he slides the ring on Rena finger.

"It suits you perfectly" Yuki said as he looked at Rena finger. Rena launched her body on Yuki immediately.

"I love you, so so so much" Rena said. Yuki giggled and he kissed Rena forehead.

"I love you too, so so so much more."

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gaiz„ i’ve posted that ‘salty paruru’ meme a few days ago but why so sudden i got so many likes and reblogs?._. lol, but thank you though!